Odin's Wrath

by Blood of Angels

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This track is the debut single for our coming EP titled "Rise of the Fallen Gods."


Intro: I AM ODIN!

Verse 1: Odin cast out Loki from the great hall into the rains, never to be let in again. The rain was cold and harsh that night, that's where he was left for Baldur's death.
Chorus: The wrath of Odin on Loki for his deeds

Verse 2: I am Odin, in my hall is where I like to be. Ragnarok warrior, come sit with me and feast. Set down your shield and drink some mead and speak of victory of the Vikings
Chorus: The wrath of Odin on Loki for his deeds

Verse 3: Loki departed, with mistletoe in hand, to find Horde and to convince him to throw a branch. It pierced Baldur's heart, then he was dead.
Chorus: Odin's wrath on Loki

Verse 4: They built a Pyre fitting for a king and a giantess was summoned, with a great quake
in the land, then his ship was freed. Grief engulfed the ground, the Pyre
was set ablaze and sent out to the sea.

Chorus: Odin's wrath on Loki for his deeds,
this is the final story of Baldur's death


released April 21, 2017
Guitar: Aaron Robinson
Vocal: Chris Iibucha
Drums: Kevin Philips
Bass: Michael Stewart



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Blood of Angels Jacksonville, Florida

Re-writing the rules and pushing boundaries, Blood of Angels are set to up the ante with their imminent album release ‘Rise of the Fallen Gods’.
The Floridian four-piece combine the full on death metal attack with black metal sensibilities This is metal that will melt your ears; this is metal that takes you on dark sonic journeys – this is BLOOD OF ANGELS
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